Universal Aunts

Summary of Terms of Business

Please note:

  • We refer throughout to our personnel as ‘Aunts’. This covers both men and women.
  • Universal Aunts is referred to in this document as ‘the Agency’.
  • Please see our full Terms & Conditions

Universal Aunts is an introductory agency introducing self-employed personnel to Clients who engage them directly for a period of time.

Clients are responsible for direct payment of all Aunts engaged as a result of introduction by this Agency. Agency fees are payable prior to the commencement of an engagement and are solely in payment for the introductory services provided by the Agency.

Introductions are personal between the Agency and the Client and no candidate may be introduced or in any other way passed on to a third party without payment of the relevant fee. Any client re-booking an Aunt originally introduced by the Agency will be charged the relevant full fee applicable at the time of the re-booking. To avoid complication of already processed schedules, such requests must be made through the Agency and not directly to the Aunt.

The decision to engage an Aunt is the sole responsibility of the client. We draw to the attention of our clients that they need to comply with the relevant legislation relating to self-employed personnel. We advise that the Client ensures that they hold adequate public liability insurance (which is often included in normal household contents cover), as the Client may be liable for injury and/or loss to the Aunt arising under the Occupiers Liability Act 1957.

The Agency has a duty of reasonable care to Aunts. It is important that the Aunt is comfortable with any tasks she/he is asked to undertake and should not be placed in any situation which is deemed unacceptable, unreasonable or places the Aunt at undue risk. We retain the right to act to bring an engagement between the Client and Aunt to an end should we reasonably consider the circumstances could be detrimental to our Aunt.


Aunts are interviewed prior to being taken onto the books. Written references are taken up and checked verbally. If the outcome of these procedures is satisfactory, they are registered on our books for introduction to our clients.

Universal Aunts does not operate a training programme. Aunts may have received training or gained qualifications elsewhere, but Universal Aunts does not accept responsibility in that regard.

Universal Aunts operates during business hours only.

Rates of pay for the Aunts are agreed with the Client on the basis of information supplied by the Client. It is important that the Agency is kept up to date with any changes in the needs and requirements of the Client. Universal Aunts is not qualified to assess the medical needs of clients and we do not visit their homes to make such assessments.

Universal Aunts invoices the Client solely for its fees.

Aunts are free to register with other agencies. They are not under Universal Aunts’ supervision or control.


In the course of duty, upon repayment only of running costs, our Aunt may be required to use their car.

Aunts’ own car insurance will not cover “hire and reward” and must not be relied upon by the Client or the Aunt in any circumstances where the Aunt may be required to use their vehicle in the course of their employment by the Client.

Aunts may only drive the Client’s vehicle if covered by adequate insurance, this being the Client’s responsibility, and the Client will be responsible for checking that the Aunt has a valid driving licence and that it meets the Client’s own insurance company’s policy and criteria.


MANAGING DIRECTOR: Mrs. J. Montfort Bebb

Mrs. H.S.G. Brown  Mr. J. Jameson

Lady Mackay  Mrs. L. McElhatton  Mr. H. Reed Herbert

Mrs. M. McClean